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Your life without glasses starts now.

At our non-binding suita­bility check, you will find out whether you are suitable for laser eye surgery.

Do your glasses or contact lenses bother you? Would you like to enjoy your life carefree and with a feeling of freedom – no matter whether you are doing sports, at work or on holiday? Our free suitability check* will tell you which methods could be suitable for correcting your vision.

*The suita­bility check is carried out by specially trained non-medical personnel (optome­trists without medical super­vision).

Excellent expertise




years of experience

What patients say about us

Stephanie J.

No longer wearing glasses or contact lenses while doing sports and cycling is a huge asset for me. The SMILE treatment went great, and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

Dominik Z.SMILE

The result is better than I imagined. I have never seen so well in my life. I didn’t think it was possible, which means I’m now really happy and very grateful. Since the laser treatment, I no longer need my varifocal glasses when working on my PC and I no longer need contact lenses for sports.


I wanted to be able to see without having a contact lenses in my eyes that bother me after a while, and make my eyes dry. Now I wake up, just open my eyes and I can see every­thing – it’s an incre­dibly nice feeling.

Stephanie J.SMILE Pro

What you can expect from us

Our treatment methods

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  • The most modern and gentle method
  • Precise and safe technique
  • Gentle, painless treatment
  • Also suitable for contact lens intole­rance and dry eyes
  • Only approx. 10 seconds laser time per eye
  • Short healing time
  • Precise and safe technique
  • Painless and gentle treatment
  • Small wound area and therefore reduced risk of inflamm­ation
  • Fast healing and visual recovery
  • Correction of normal and high refractive errors
  • Also suitable for thin corneas
  • Alter­native to lasers
  • Does not cause dry eyes
  • Lifetime durability, but can be removed at any time
  • Innovative procedure for the correction of presbyopia
  • Correction of distance and near vision in only one procedure
  • Tailored treatment profiles for each patient
  • Fast recovery period
  • Correction of normal and high refractive errors
  • Versatile correction options with different lens models
  • Short, low-risk procedure
  • Alter­native to lasers

The steps to a life without glasses

Our doctors

Dr. med.
Bernhard Febrer Bowen

Dr. med.
Jeanette Brünner-Siepmann

Dr. med.
Bastian Philippen

  • Experi­enced team of inter­na­tio­nally trained ophthal­mo­lo­gists, optome­trists, opticians and medical assistants
  • Outstanding technical equipment
  • Guaranteed excellent safety standard

Our locations for your suitability check

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